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Real Data Medical Research Inc. is your first choice of EDC/CDMS/CTMS/IWRS system suppliers, CRC, Clinical Data Management, Statistical Analysis & CDISC related services. We always ensure the accuracy, integrity & quality of clinical research data with our life since Real Data Inc. was established in 2008. Real Data is the eClinical solution pioneer and an innovative CRO of clinical research services in China. Real Data has rolled out completely 21 CFR Part 11, GCP and regulations compliant, and cost effective EDC/DM/CTMS/IWRS system-eRDDM, Web Randomization (IWRS) and CRC PM Systems.

We saw unprecedented changes occurring within the health care and medical research fields around the world that would fundamentally and permanently affect drug development trends. We saw rising fear regarding the costs of medical research, the separation of geographic areas, and the unbalance of public health care resources. We witnessed new IT and medical inventions everyday, which provided us with the tools to conduct medical research with a modern approach. These tools also enable us to work with people and organizations around the world to deliver the cost effective and high quality products and service.

Real Data Inc. is continuing to enhance our propertied EDC/DM/CTMS/IWRS system-eRDDM. Our goal is to roll out the paper and electronic data handling system for clinical research which will be completely regulations and GCP compliant; to provide the modern tools and high quality services for clinical research data capturing, data management, quality control, project management, online monitoring SDV, randomization, CDISC standardizations and CRC; to sustain and strengthen our technical leading position and grow Real Data as the most professional vendor relying on our expertise, cutting-edging techniques and optimized processes; and to improve the industry quality and efficiency.


  • 2015-09-09 国家食品药品监督管理总局关于开展药物rb88数据自查核查工作的公告(2015年第117号)
  • 2015-08-19 国务院关于改革药品医疗器械审评审批制度的意见
  • 2015-08-19 药明康德正式宣布33亿美元私有化
  • 2012-12-06 2012-09 The dynamic randomization system of clinical research in Realdata got support from the National science and technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprise.
  • 2012-04-20 2012-05-20 Real Data exhibited in 2012 DIA Conference in Shanghai, China
  • 2012-04-20 2012-02-08 Real Data’s high speed, secured server room started to operate
  • 2011-04-30 2011-06-20 Real Data exhibited in 2011 DIA Conference in Chicago, USA
  • 2011-04-29 2011-05 Real Data became the first CRO in China, its system and electronic data handling processes are to be validated in accordance with the international standard
  • 2011-04-29 2011-02 Real Data’s server room is equipped with the dedicated high speed network and hardware VPN
  • 2011-04-29 2011-02-11 Real Data Exhibited in 2010 DIA Conference in China and was invited as a speaker within consecutively two years
  • 2011-04-29 2010-01-12 Real Data Obtained Innovation Grant from the Ministry of Human Resources and multiple local government funds
  • 2009-12-16 Realdata on Ningbo Daily
  • 2009-10-19 Clinical Trials CRO Venture Capital heat recovery
  • 2009-10-19 Upgrade CRO
  • 2009-10-19 Upgrade policy boost outsourcing
  • 2009-10-19 Chinese clinical trials industry ready
  • 2009-10-19 The United States Embassy Office of the FDA unveiled
  • 2009-10-18 China's "major drug created" special boot