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Our Advantages

We have an experienced team which you can count on, with optimized processes which can ensure high quality service delivered at a reasonable price; we are flexible in meeting your budget and timelines. Moreover we have a robust and propertied EDC/DM/CTMS /IWRS system system which enables us to bring DEs, PIs, CRAs, DMs, PMs, and sponsors to work and communicate on the same platform. We will keep providing you with more innovative tools with new, cutting-edge technology. We also have a professional management team which can ensure our long lasting growth.

 Professional Team 

We have a high-quality and professional team consisting of Doctors and Masters who are the life of RealData and the leaders of CRO industry. 80% of them have the experience of working abroad and in the domestic large-medium-sized enterprises, which makes them be creative and united.



RealData owns a good many of Intellectual Property Rights and Patents in USA and China. These newly scientific achievements were made from the clinical research and clinical service in recent years. It proves that the core technology in our company has been on the international level and keeps constant development and innovation.



RealData has built friendly relationships with some noted pharmaceutical companies, biological technology companies and medical institutions in USA, Europe and China. With our business development, we will have considerable partners and friends. RealData gets a prior position to the trends and changes in the industry and realizes the synthesis, integration and optimization of the rich resources.  


RealData has built up complete management system and strict standard operating instructions with mature project-managing thought. We have constructed reliable quality guarantee system. Every segment of the product-making and service-providing has the specific management, operation and control standards which will be updated and optimized in time.
The unity, harmonization and wisdom of our collectivity are the mental fundament of RealData.