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China's "major drug created" special boot

According to Xinhua News Agency News May 5, China's "significant drug created" science and technology major projects (hereinafter referred to specific drugs) to start the formal implementation.
Drug specific "national long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006 - 2020)" identified in 16, one of the major scientific and technological projects.
According to reports, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the major projects will achieve the following three breakthrough: independent research and development of innovative drugs to the international; establish and improve a number of new drug research and development of technology platform and the base, part of the technology platform and the developed countries to achieve mutual recognition; the initial establishment of innovative drug discovery technology platforms and innovation incubators of drug composition, production and research in close connection with national drug innovation system, and comprehensively improve China's overall strength of drug created.
"Establishment of a special new drugs is to protect the health of the Chinese people to safeguard national economic security and social stability, the urgent need is to promote the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has achieved leapfrog development, construction, medical powers of a major strategic move." Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang said that the implementation of specific drugs to people's health as a fundamental, market demand-oriented, innovation-driven, platform construction for the support, create new drugs targeted to accelerate medical innovation capability overall.
At present, the drug first identified 121 specific topics have been started to implement; second combination of stimulating domestic demand and maintain stable and rapid economic development needs, but also have basically decided on issues, will soon be implemented.