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Clinical Trials CRO Venture Capital heat recovery

"We have signed up in April, and now has just completed all of the capital injection and changes to procedures." Xiao-Chun Cao Tiger Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, said in an interview a few days ago. As the localization of a full clinical trial CRO company, Tiger had just received from the medical technology in the U.S. VC Qiming Venture Partners 5 million U.S. dollars in venture capital investment.
CRO in China's rise is an indisputable fact, but to Tiger as the representative of clinical trials focused on aspects of the CRO, are increasingly shaped by the attention and favor of investors. The investing public that: In a sense, to the CRO's investment is being tended to refine, in particular clinical trials, CRO in the next 2 ~ 3 years there will be rapid growth.

- Tiger Model --

"We want Tiger to be the representative of the domestic clinical trials, CRO company's development direction and quality standards of the company." Xiao-Chun Cao said, and Qiming Venture firm access to some extent the confidence of the Tiger, "We are not short of money, stress is placed on the wind will vote to join the company rose to a new development platform. "
As an established CRO at the end of 2002 the company, Tiger's rapid development due to its advantages in clinical trials with focus, and gradually rise to the domestic areas of expertise in this leading position. Just 2 months ago, Tiger Medical Technology Inc. announced its membership currently Sandia medicine, Chinese Tai-day sources and
NovaSecta company formed in Shanghai, the first domestic pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing alliance CROSA, so CROSA has a complete chain of pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing services for the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide drug R & D outsourcing services. "Although the Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park CRO within the concentration of dozens of companies specialize in clinical trials but to join the service alliance, only Tiger medicine." Xiao-Chun Cao said.
In fact, before Tiger, Qiming Venture Partners has invested in a pre-clinical studies focused on CRO companies. "Our standard is digging a near-term fast-growing market and an industry leader. We value the industry's vision of corporate leaders in the industry's reputation, as well as the leadership of the company's growth as a great company's leadership." Qiming Venture Capital Investment Director Huxu Bo told reporters, while Tiger is an important investment in value because of their leaders and teams, they have a strong desire for clinical trial services, a well-known multinational companies have many years of service experience. Qiming Venture's latest research report said: "Tiger is one of the leading Chinese market, and there may be three years, the company became the first industrial scale."

- To find a new bright spot --

Tiger favored in favor of and access to investors, behind is a CRO's investment tends to refinement, especially clinical trials, CRO market is the rapid development of this reality show.
Commitment to the business from the content point of view, China's CRO roughly be divided into three categories: pre-clinical studies in CRO, such as the well-known industry WuXi PharmaTech, wisdom chemistry; engaged in clinical trials, CRO, such as the Tiger, Beijing according to Gus, etc.; engaged in drug research and development consulting, business content such as new drug application for approval of the CRO, although some have a certain scale CRO also engaged in this business, but China's current CRO institutions solely engaged in such business must account for Most.
"In a sense, on the CRO's investment is tending to refine." Huxu Bo said. In his view, China's CRO market, strictly speaking, is PharmaTech home business started in 2000, but the size of WuXi PharmaTech more than one billion dollars into the company, and began to up the downstream integrated on such a blind VC for instance, now more difficult in the beginning CRO increased investment in the field, "We want to find a CRO industry chain still left room for VC industry leader, we believe that the chemical services, investment has been very full, to our attraction decline; clinical trials still have a chance, but leave time for a new start-ups that is, 2, 3 years.
Similarly, in the field of clinical trials, the current scale is not large, but this area has been growing rapidly. "
In the end of 2007, the same CRO providing clinical trial services in Beijing in accordance with Riggs received from the Sequoia Capital venture capital.

- Prospects --

In fact, China is currently in clinical trials, CRO market size is not very impressive, there are estimates by industry insiders: "In the tens of millions of dollars, the proportion of the total CRO market is less than 15%." But in a mature pharmaceutical markets, such as the United States, clinical trials, CRO usually accounts for the CRO field of around 40%. "China's development of CRO clinical trial has great potential, and we hope that the whole clinical trial CRO market in the next five years to maintain an average annual growth rate of 40%, and in 2010 ~ 2011 to grow the market for the hundreds of millions of dollars." Investors who have expressed .
Hu Xubo said: "Clinical Trials CRO in the next 2 ~ 3 years there will be rapid growth." Mainly from various factors: The first factor is due to the rapid growth of China's pharmaceutical market, multinational pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies to expedite launch products in China, the speed and scale of multi-national companies have formulated an ambitious product launch and marketing plans. In addition, in the past two years, the multinational pharmaceutical companies of clinical research department dramatic increase in the number of people, and this trend continues. The second factor is the multinational pharmaceutical companies have started this two years full-featured in China's global R & D centers, such as Novartis, AstraZeneca, GSK, etc. have invested in R & D centers in China, the future is bound to high-quality The clinical research services have a corresponding demand. The third factor comes from the Chinese SFDA regulatory changes, "We can see that SFDA for clinical trials, more stringent regulation, which is an important condition for promoting development of the industry. We hope to see China as soon as possible in clinical trials by the international pharmaceutical the industry is widely recognized. "Hu Xubo emphasized. It is especially noteworthy in recent years, the international multi-center trial in China, the number rapidly increased, from 2004 to less than 50 to grow to 2007, nearly 250. The fourth factor from the Chinese pharmaceutical industry itself changes. After ten years of exploration and accumulation of China's domestic R & D of new medicines in the positive development, innovation and development of drugs for high-quality clinical trial services, the same is a natural demand.
CRO market in the entire clinical trial will bring rapid development of market structure changes. Industry insiders estimate that: "The future clinical trials, CRO primarily constituted by the three companies: One is a leading local clinical CRO companies, such as Tiger, its advantage lies in the multinational company has many years of international standards for bio-pharmaceutical companies and mainland China and the cost of service experience advantage. Second, is the leader in other areas of CRO, such as WuXi PharmaTech, the advantages of the consolidation on the basis of chemical services, will enter pre-clinical services and clinical services. its advantage is the current customer base and CRO service processes. Third, overseas a leading CRO in clinical trials of Chinese institutions, such as Quintiles, with its advantage is its field of clinical trials, CRO industry position and mature service system. "
For the development of risk estimates in the field, the industry consensus is: "The biggest risk is that China's CRO industry, the progress of clinical trials, not fast enough." "China's market potential in clinical trials, CRO larger, but has not yet been fully explored. 1 There is also a large number of pharmaceutical companies directly to the hospital for clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies use CRO sense of professional services has yet to be strengthened; the other hand, the industry quite a mixed bag, small CRO companies operating non-standard, professional competence to be strengthened, China needs to More large-scale of the CRO business, truly international and high levels of the building. "Xiao-Chun Cao said.